Cancel the appointment of OMP chairman immediately – Sandya Ekneligoda

Cancel the appointment of OMP chairman immediately – Sandya Ekneligoda

Ms. Sandhya Ekneligoda, a human rights activist, has request from the President to immediately rescind the appointment of a person who is in their cases against missing persons to the post of Chairperson of the Office of the Missing Persons and to represent justice for the missing persons.

As a result of the Office of the Missing Persons’ (OMP) struggle to locate their missing and missing relatives in the North and South, it joined forces with the then Government of the United Nations to bring Resolution 30 (1) in 2015 and disappeared in Sri Lanka on its recommendations. She also says that the victims of the families of the victims owned this office.

It is learned that former Judge Upali Abeyratne has been appointed as the Chairman of this office. Judge Upali Abeyratne has unilaterally summoned the accused in the case of abduction of 11 youths, including himself, and made the witnesses present.

She recalled that she had learned that he had already started working there saying that there were terrorists in the North and that even if he was a terrorist, when a man goes missing, he is a missing person and no one has the right to disappear and everyone has the right to life.

She made it clear that she would like to urge the President to rescind the appointment, and to call on the diplomats of all countries that support UN Resolution 30 (1) to intervene to rescind this appointment, as well as to intervene in the mechanism for the disappearance of missing persons in Sri Lanka

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