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“The President and Prime Minister has no political intention” – Namal Rajapakse

Mr Namal Rajapakse, Attorney At Law has stated that the President and the Prime Minister has no political intention at all thus it was not possible to carry forward the court cases. He made this statement after Former MP Johnston Fernando was released on last 17 th by the Kurunegala high courts where he was accused for mismanaging funds at Sathosa. If this practice continues the country will have to face huge disasters he further told.

On 8th January 2015 we gave power to this government not to postpone court cases like this and weaken the witnesses and see how the perpetrators are releasing like in this instance. It is evident that the Sathosa funds were mismanaged. Even the court did not act upon this in a proper manner. When the witnesses changed their evidence the court should have investigated upon it. Nothing like that happened.


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