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“Namal pot broken, Mahinda dye is gone, the government got the path cleared,” - Chameera Perera

The objective of the Rajapaksha’s “Janabala” campaign was to boost Namal Rajapakshe. In other point it was the struggle for power among Rajapaksha group. Basil Rajapaksa was with The Sri Lanka People’s Front until before organizing the “Janabala” campaign and all of a sudden he left from the Sri Lanka People’s Front and replaced with Namal Rajapaksa.

At last, Namal became a pot, and that pot was broken, Mahinda dye is gone, and eventually the government got the path cleared," said Chameera Perera, speaking about the Rajapaksa’s rally to “Aithiya” website.

As soon as Namal Rajapaksa organize this, we said that it would be the same as before and the participants will be the notorious and the same people created by the Rajapaksas. We watched it very well. This shows that Rajapaksas’ are no longer have people with a logical background.

On the other hand, the government should not be afraid of the power of the Rajapaksas. At this juncture, the government has to activate the process of justice by speeding up judicial system.

Video is below…



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