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“Violence is the main factor for a spiritually dead society”

The book is written by Ajith Parakum with the theam of “Gange Noyana Tharuna Deshapalanayak” Launching a novel about the youth rebellion of 1989, which was in the Eliyakanda torture chamber in Matara from 1989 to 1990, was held on August 21 at 3.00 pm at Publishing and Publishing Center. Veteran journalist Victor Ivan, Attorney Upul Kumarapperuma, Vidarshana Kannangara and Geethika Dharmasinghe conducted a seminar. The story of veteran journalist Victor Ivan is like this,

“What i see in this country is a rotted state and a spiritually dead society. The violence become as a reason to this incident. The violence of rebellious, non-rebellious violence all together now we have the whole society that has lost all its values. In fact there was no debate about violence. There was an era in the world that at times was considered an insidious condition for torture. Today that era is over. It was indeed the Gandhi who we spoke in comical terms, and Marxists were speaking in very comical. I’d like to put that argument before you. There’s a book about a torture chamber. That book is about torture. We’re in a lot of trouble. Actually, I thought we would not need violence for next 5000 year. We don’t need to drop blood for 5000 years. I’m surprised that there are people who still need violence. Gandhi’s argument was that if you went to a torture scene to defeat a violent force, you would have to add to it an abuse of power overpowering violence. But unfortunately, in any of the world’s history, any party that defeated the counter-offensive, who reallocated the re-oppression, did not disperse the aggravated violence that ultimately happened to the society. It was more violent than the name of emancipation. In every society, this phenomenon is very well seen by the fact that it is in fact that various revolutions have been defeated, or later, by defeat. In those societies, there is a much more robust mafia system than the capitalist groups. Let’s take Cambodia for example. Cambodia is the best example for give to the world. The revolutionists decided that they should live in this society and who should not live. The French speaking man was killed as an opponent. The person who wears sunglasses also considers as an opponent as well and killed. What if there was usually a minor offense? All this happened in the context of social liberation, the socialist secession.

Indeed, this is a beautiful book. Readable book. Actually, it’s not a camp. At the second JVP riot, there were torture chambers in all parts of the country. Not everyone who went to the torture chambers has died. They did not love to fall out. The unlucky is that death is lucky. There are a considerable number of people who are tortured in those torture chambers. The writer is one of them. There are some who are fortunate enough to live a life of extreme cruel and severe torture. I believe that those who are alive are unhappy than those who died. That memory cannot be forgotten. The psychiatric response to these people cannot be cured easily. I think this is not just for the army. There were territories in the army. They could have held camps. This is a common feature of both sides. The JVP people had no area to run a torture chamber. The LTTE had. They also maintained the military, as well as in the north, as well as the torture chambers. In the same way. The JVP was not murdered in a very innocent manner. It did it the best way. Humans were tortured to the maximum extent it’s possible. At times, the burial of people killed was also tortured. I do not blame them. They had a confused mind. What will you do if you are told that you are doing well to society? Young children will think, I suppose I will benefit society if I destroy these people. But the truth is that the healing of this society is a mournful lie that is hidden. This cry is the echoes of the hearts of the children of these rebels (Sinhalese or Tamils) who were killed by the rebels, by the Army or the Security Forces. This is also relevant to the military. There is a story to tell the army. We killed the former youth of the army. There are a lot of others. I’m going to say this one side and I cannot say this is wrong. Even Lenin could not. In the kingdom of Lenin, nobody was allowed to take revenge. Everybody who destroyed the devastated destroyed. No group will be allowed to engage in an armed rebellion or any other

legitimate cause. It will curb the rebels. And that's the cyan. It is also the capitalist countries. Every government is doing. This is why we saw that at that time the rebels had to decide who should be killed. The Security Forces also ruled, He was a rebel. It did not need evidence. It’s an outrageous way. Do not allow this outrageous situation to be pushed back in Sri Lanka. This will not give any benefit to this country. It will not do any good to this society. This society is a very experienced society. I think there is no country in the whole world, which is so many politicians are dead back to back. Not only politicians, children who had the responsibility to take over the future, boys who have a potential to be leaders in the future, died thousands of Sinhalese Tamils. Once again, we are not going to that place, but how we go ahead is the biggest challenge in Sri Lanka. I do not believe that any other political party has the opportunity to overcome this situation. It’s really rotten. Do not forget that there is a subordinate relationship between this rotation and rebellion. After our independence, the era has taken a half of us to the most disgusting way. The first half is not the second half. During that profanation, people were killed. They showed dead bodies of dead men. Sometimes Belly cuts up sticks and displays. It was not a very short time. This was a long time in the North and the South. We were fortunate enough to live in this dwelling for over a million people a long time, and you all became some kind of spiritually dead people. We live at a glance. But we are dead people. A dead society. When this was a big change in the society, the whole institute too had a huge change. The same company became weaker. It’s rotten. Indeed, the political leaders of the day, when we counted in the aftermath of independence, may not be capable. But they were not robbed. They did not plunder their wealth, plundered their common property. But after the transformation of this mischievous period, the plunder of their trust became a permanent feature of state rule. All the leaders who have so far been routinely robbed this country. Or they encouraged those who were robbing. We were waiting. All these things, during the second insurrection, JR Jayewardene said there was a rebellion, there were rebels, and the politicians were killed. Therefore, we cannot use the police and the military to protect the politicians.

Therefore, we give politicians the right to make personal appointments. The real dissidents killed politicians. JR Jayawardana did not allow personnel Armies to be made. However, instead of calling for applications, they recruited instead of these military personnel. Most of the best criminals in the country came to the private forces. By this the politicians established a system of dependency on criminals, criminals and politicians in this country. It just did not come downstairs. Those rebellions have further broken down the country’s issues. The terror was grown by the reducing of the rebellion. The progress of the society was weakened. In the end, we have a rude society and a rotten state. How can we survive? With a Coup? With violence? Or is there another public revolt instead of Prabhakaran and Wijeweera’s anger? I say that there is a public revolt of another type of people. It is a people’s program to rebuild the state and the society without harassing and oppressing the nation that has not gotten hatred, hatred, anger, anger and anger. It’s a rebellion. It does not hurt. No anger. I believe that Sri Lanka is after today’s politics, neither the future president of this country, but gradually, to be able to solve this problem through a creative process. In fact, it is a very popular belief that something is going on after something, in 2020 and we will be able to appoint another better president. Like crazy. No one has the power to create any kind of change in any form of change in the system. Every aspect of the state is a legislature, a court, a bureaucracy, and everywhere there is a maximum rotation. There’s a live tortilla in the book him wrote. It’s rough, cruel. Sometimes the nostrils smell. In a similar situation we are today. It’s not rough, not cruel. Do not smell. Do not kill. How can we be free from the torture chamber? I do not think guns could do that. I do not think destroying that property could do that. We will be free from that torture as a society, by taking the public into the program of re-creating this state and society by moving towards a more discrete society as a developed society. I do not see that there’s another alternative way to choose that. What I think we can do is not always be deceived by a rotten system. I’m not saying this is a method of rotting due to capitalism. I’m not saying capitalism is good. There are people in the countries where capitalism is well maintained. There are plenty of countries in Scandinavian countries. Also, do not forget that the sacrifices made on these pseudonyms are immense. No experiment was successful. The current status of the countries to conduct those trials is tragic. I do not think such experiments will be needed in the future. Sri Lanka has been cited for 5,000 years. The property has been destroyed for 5000 years. Let’s think. How can we make a profound change in this situation through the development of the people in this world.”


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