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Janaranjana’s criticism to J.V.P. on 20th Amendment

Since the government’s process towards new constitution was struck in between, it makes JVP to come up with the 20th amendment for the constitution to eradicate executive presidency. If so, what is the situation of us who ventured a lot to bring a new constitution? If new constitution is impossible to bring now then we too have to support the JVP for 20th amendment to the constitution fulfill the major issues that we raised.

Unfortunately, both political parties have just left from the new constitution issue. As for our expectation, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) is not having enough dialogue with the people regarding the 20th Amendment. This is a grave criticism to them.

A series of discussions were held about the 20th amendment with the participation of civil society organizations and the left political parties though they were not visible or telecasted in the mainstream media says veteran journalist, Chief Editor of the "Anidda" Newapaper Mr. Janaranjana stated to "Aithiya" website.

However the draft of 20th Amendment to the Constitution was presented to the Parliament by Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath of JVP on 05th of September.

The video is given below… 


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