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“The interval of Platform for Freedom is over” Philip Disanayake
From 2009 where the progressively thinking masses were killed in numbers the Platform for Freedom was continuously struggling. Platform for Freedom has restarted its work with the seminar series “Are we saying good bye to Democracy?”. The first seminar was held in Nupe Cultural Centre, Matara was a huge success. Addressing the gathering its co-convener Philip Disanayake said the interval period of Platform for Freedom is over now.

For the first time in Sri Lanka civil society organizations started working together with political parties through the Platform for Freedom. The main reason was the devastated situation in the country. The Platform for Freedom was created for protecting the right to life and right to freedom of expression basically. This contributed to the 2015 January change which was a victory for democracy. This was known as a rainbow revolution, a democratic revolution without spilling blood.

Some are telling now the victory in 2015 was a mistake and it should be reverted. Even the Buddhist
monks say that there should be a fascist government which should be beyond dictatorship. The main
reason for this situation is the silence of progressively thinking masses. The fractions we defeated are

becoming strong once again. Now we only hear their voices. Thus we thought of raising our voices. The interval is over. Enough of being spectators. We are taking the lead for the path towards democracy.

Rev. Dambara Amila, Hon. Mangala Samaraweera Minister of Finance and Mass Media, Dr Wickramabahu Karunarathne and Ajit Prakum participated.

Click the video below for Mr Philp Disanayake’s speech.



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