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“I have no association with weapons unless I take a cinnamon stick for self-defense… “Mangala Samaraweera
“Namal says the weapons in the underworld incident which happened recently in the South is associated with me…but I heard Namal’s uncle saying Mangala is not involved in such things…both my friends and enemies know that I have never associated with weapons or weapon dealers. I have only taken a Cinnamon stick for self-defence if it is absolutely necessary.

There was no such era in the history such as the period during Mahinda’s regime where the underworld was associated. After getting the job done from the underworld they were killed by the government using the police. Hon. Mangala Smaraweera, Minister of Finance and Media stated this at the “Are we saying good bye to Democracy?” seminar organized by Platform for Freedom in Nupe, Matara on 30 June.

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