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Human Rights Activists in solidarity with disappeared families sit-in protest in Colombo

On 12 th July 4:00 pm to 13 th July 11:30 pm a sit-in protest is organized by human rights activists in solidarity with the disappeared families in organized a sit-in protest in Colombo opposite of “Nelum Pokuna” Viharamadevi Park.

Tamil families of the disappeared from the North and East have been continuously protesting on the roadside, suffering through the scorching sun and rains, for 500 days! They have made 5 main demands to the President last year, and he made 3 promises to them, which he has yet to deliver on, to date. These protests have taken a tremendous psychological, physical and economic toll on the families. How much
longer is the Government going to indifferently observe as the well-being of these families continue to deteriorate?

Enforced disappearance is one of the most horrific crimes known to humanity. For decades, the people of Sri Lanka have lived in fear of enforced disappearances, and have suffered its cruel consequences. Provide families of the disappeared with the truth, justice, and reparations they are entitled to. A letter will be handed to the President, signed by more than 150 activists, civil society organizations and
concerned citizens.

In solidarity Right to Life Human Rights Centre



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