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“The Society is deteriorating because of the violence in every sector"- Dr Deepika Udagama

“The Society is deteriorating because of the violence in every sector- Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka says at the commemoration of the International Day in support of victims of torture”

In commemorating the international day in support of victims of torture the Human Rights Commission organized a film festival at National Film Corporation Tharangani hall, Colombo 07 on 25-26 June 2018. Some internationally renowned films as well as a few Sri Lankan films were screened.

The festival was targeting programmes for children, police and civil society. The last day was targeting civil society and the discussion before the film was conducted by Mr Nadeeka Guruge.

Dr Deepika Udagama the Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission gave an introduction about the situation in regard to torture in Sri Lanka. She said not only in police or army now violence can be found in universities, schools too. This has deteriorated the standard of the society and every sector has violence now.

She further added the society is attracted towards violence and torture now. Musician Mr Nadeeka Guruge explained how torture is spread in society and it is deeply rooted in the minds of the people. He depicted that through a poem in the Wessanthara Jathakaya torture has been condemned. After the discussion the film was screened.


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