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Stop torture Badulla campaign

In commemoration of the International Day in support of victims of torture on 26 June 2018 the civil society organizations in Badulla conducted a number of joint programmes. Mr Suresh Nadesan of Uva Shakthi Foundation speaks to ‘Aithiya”.

“we came in a parade and created awareness among the masses in Badulla town. Civil society organizations, Human Rights Commission in Sri Lanka, Citizen Collective (Purawesi Ekamuthuwa) joined us. The law should be equal for all citizens living in the country and the social, political and cultural rights should be accepted. There is a large number of persons who had undergone torture in this country.

During the last regime we did not have this space or opportunity to come to the streets and protest. We remember that bitter past. Now we have an opportunity to come to the streets with the common masses and protest without any fear. Thus we will continue our good work in Badulla. The Human Rights First Aid Centre is functioning in Badulla too. Right to Life Human Rights Centre is assisting us in this regard. When the masses are unable to cope with their problems they come to us and ask for our assistance. A lot of people helped us in this programme, specially the Government officers; Officials of the Human Rights Commission and Police should be specially mentioned.”


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