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Society by justifying torture neglects the rule of law and allows violence says Prasanna Vithanage

Most criminals are not enslaved by law. Anyhow they get release. Instead of taking some of the suspects into law, they die in a conflict of opinion that occurred when they were arrested by the police. We often hear shot dead by police or suspect committed suicide during police custody. There is no question about this. Everyone accepts it. Why the society is on that level? Some categories of society believe that criminals can survive by law. In what kind of assassination we have to solve these problems. We’ve been thinking about this with what we have seen over theyears. This is the case with a manifestation of the rule of law and violence.

“Take the Gerad Perera’s incident in Wattala. Police arrested him mistakenly and beaten him until death. Did they have a right to attack like that? He is not the person who committed a wrong or broke the law. The pressure from the overheads of the police also has an urgent need for an offender. The innocent victim is convicted. This is not something we should allow”.

Higher ranked police officer brought a pressure to the lower policeman somehow to present a wrongdoer immediately. We must raise the law to prevent this from happening. The law should not be able to take ordinary people. And police should never takeover law as they wanted. The society should be aware of this.

“The police in this country think that the only way to get the statement from the suspects is by using torture as a method, there is a history of disappearances in our country. But still there is no proper steps taken for these things. There is no assurance that the testimony is a wrongful and inhuman behavior. No government has been able to do justice or bring out a proper solution to it until now.”


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