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Public petition about court delays

The Right to Life Human Rights Centre had organized a petition singing campaign regarding the “Court Delays” behalf of Sri Lankan Civil Society Collective. The campaign was held on 25 th of June 2018 in front of High Court, Hulftsdorp in Fort. A group of people reprehensive civil society organization participated in the program, drafting leaflets, singing up the petition and engaging with the public in a bid to give an active contribution to the program.

The Executive Director of Right to Life Human Rights Centre Mr. Philip Dissanayake
Stated like this...

“26 th of June is the International Torture Day. So in Sri Lanka there is an Committee of NGO’s against torture. They have called a week against torture. As one of them, we are now educating the public about the court delays; we started a public petition campaign and a campaign for the attention of the government. The delay in court cases in Sri Lanka is a serious issue. Due to the delays in the cases the development of the country has had a big impact as well. Some cases are taking 10 or 15 years to settle. The process of administering of justice is questioned. People looking for justice and fairness without going their own way, recently we have seen an effort to solve through personal actions. At the same time, we have seen criminals; there is a breeding ground for crime in our country. We can see crime as rising. The worst case delays are the cause of crime. Trust in the judicial system is lost and people move away fast from courts judiciary. Getting away from the judiciary means people cannot move their country to development. Therefore, we think that the social attention should be more relevant. The government has taken some steps. We are happy about this. In the past, several steps were taken to get the case sued. We are particularly happy about the changes made in the Attorney Generals Department. That institution has a shortage of human resource. New recruitments have taken place. Then a special judiciary was formed. It has not yet begun. It has been start from July 15th. Also, steps should be taken to take special steps to reduce the number of cases in the country. We need to work for

Attorney-at-law Namal Rajapaksa, who was present at the event,

“ All three institutions in Sri Lanka, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary have
collapsed. The delays in court cases are that justice is not fulfilled. The biggest problem in Sri Lanka is that 94% of the crime cases have been rejected. Its not because does not commit crimes. Since the Witnesses have not been found long time ago, witnesses are not like police officers to give evidence by reading a book. There is a chance to forget the memories. No one ever has a photographic memory. On a long period of time, defendants are acquitted from the Sri Lankan law with the situation of the witnesses. There is no procedure to protect evidence in Sri Lanka. Because the underworld, criminals are organized. There is no procedure for the Witnesses to defend the bonds that protect the Witnesses."

Public opinion - Dilan Perera

“There is a civil case of mine in Colombo Court. I have been working on this case for 9 years. About 200 case-rounds i have been sat But its still the first phase of the case. I would like these cases to reduce the number of cases and to put an end to this case soon. By now the cross-questions are to be end. There are a few steps to take. However, we urge the authorities to take immediate action to bring these cases to an end."


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