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Court delay is a main topic in the society - Lakshan Dias
“Nowadays Court delay is a main topic in the society. Especially, the report presented by the Judge, Mr. Buwenaka Aluwihare was in the discourse. According to this, roughly 17 years took to get the final verdict in a criminal case. This is a huge court case delay. There is other specific analysis in this report. Court delay is a very negative effect on a democratic society. Sometimes the client not giving much attention and he/she get upset because of the case delay. I think the Lawyers should take the responsibility.

The “Attorney General Department” is also responsible for some extent. They say that they do not have enough infrastructure and human resources. Then the government should provide it. I’m clearly saying that the Attorney Generals Department will have to appoint at least 200 to 300 Lawyers from the State Attorneys and strengthen the Attorney General's Department with more human resources. Only then can this be solved. When I went to the Attorney General's Department, I saw a lot of files hunt there. Naturally, no one can do it. Every day, several case files are sent from every police station to the Attorney Generals Department. The Case files have been stuck in two or three years in Attorney Generals Department. As the perspective of an ordinary person that the Attorney Generals Department is wrong, thats not the whole story."

"Its a normal thing to get a day to a case. It is still a painful experience to the victim. There should be more responsibility in the judicial authorities, in matters of judicial discipline. 250 cases are to be settled in the Magistrates Courts daily. It cannot be done and it is not practical as well. No way to finish 250 cases in a single day. If Magistrate didn’t come to the court for two or three days, then huge amount of cases will stuck in the court. How do manage it? The point to be solved in the judicial field. Although torture declined, attitudes toward society toward torture have not changed much. If there are good judgments against torture, people will be tempted to prosecute.


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