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Only 2 Complaints so far to National Transport Commission “Hotline 1955”
National Transport Commission (NTC) has received only 2 complaints so far to their HOTLINE 1955. It indicated two things one is that the prevailing transport of Sri Lanka has been working up to the rules and regulations and all the customers are satisfied with their service and them system is functioning properly. The other thing is that people are not aware of the complaint system.

I would like to emphasis that people in the country are not relying on the prevailing system. They don’t trust in the implementation of rules, regulations and laws. And it is the clear proof that the statistics of the National Transport Commission has put forward during the workshop held for the media personnel’s at OZO Hotel organized by United Nations Populations Fund (UNFP) on 13 th June 2018.

There is need of 7250 buses for the transportation per day and at the moment NTC has 6000 buses and lesser is being functioned. And 65 Train Engines are needed and only 55 Train Engines are being functioned daily.

Ministry of Transportation has come up with its policy in 1991 and in 2009 from then on the policy is being functioned and the new policy is being under construction and it will be come into action by 2018 said the representative from Ministry of Transportation.

If so Does Sri Lanka is moving towards a nation which respects the rights of all equally?

Or don’t we have any problem regarding the public transport?

Are we not tortured both Physically and Psychologically while we are using the public transport?

This is up to you all to think over and report to us as well regarding the torture happening while using public transportation.

By: Anthony Vinoth (R2L)


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