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Government should tell that whether Raviraj was killed or suicide !

“Raviraj was shot dead in a day time. There were several witnesses for his assassination.
So that, Government should tell that whether Raviraj was killed or suicide?” said Chameera Perera in a press conference held in Colombo yesterday, 30th December.

Few days after the verdict in the former Lawmaker Nadaraja Raviraj’s assassination case Colombo based civic rights activists expressed that they are not satisfied with verdict.

In a press conference held at CSR in Colombo on Dec. 29, Co-convener of Left Circle Chameera Perera said that government should expose that what’s really happened to former Tamil politician Raviraj.
“We can remember that former government told that Rugby player Thajudeen was died due to an accident. Therefore government should deliver justice to victims.”
Also,  Civic rights activist and trade union leader Saman Ratnapriya said ,“We demand government to from a set up for special courts for murder cases,”

 Picture - Lawrence Ferdinando

- Melani



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