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People caught the navy who entered the house midnight in Mulliyan - Vadamaratchi

On Tuesday midnight 12th Aug. 2014, the navy crept into the house where the woman was sleeping. Her husband was sleeping in the verandah outside as he had to go to the sea for fishing. The navy sat near her and the woman screamed. He closed her mouth but she jerked him and pushed him down.

In the meantime the husband ran inside the room and caught him. The woman shouted and people around rushed in and tied him and informed the Pallai Police.

Hearing the news the navy forces came into the house and asked to release the culprit but the people refused. At 1.00 am the Pallai Police came in and they handed over the navy to the police. There was conflict between the navy forces and people as the people refused to release him.

He was produced before the court in Kilinochchi District and the Judged remanded him till the 20th August 2014.  

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