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Sri Lanka: Retired Army officer deployed to kill the Editor!

Fresh suspicions have arisen with regard to the retired military intelligence officer who committed suicide after leaving a letter confessing to the murder of former Sunday Leader editor – Lasantha Wickremetunga.

The military intelligence officer – Ilandarage Jayamanna had retired in 2007 after 12 years of service, while Mr. Wickremetunga was murdered in 2009 January 08,” Colombo based media  reported in this morning.

This had raised suspicions whether Jayamanna had committed the murder after retiring.

With reports of the previous regime misusing retired military officers for many malpractices, police intelligence is now suspicious whether this officer was used for the murder in a similar manner.

Millennium City

It is reported that Jayamanna was arrested as a suspect over the ‘Millennium City’ incident and was acquitted later.

Meanwhile, it is said that he was also a close friend and a contemporary of Sergeant Major Premananda Udalagama, who is currently remanded over the Lasantha Wickremetunga murder.

In his letter written before committing suicide, Jayamanna had confessed to murdering Mr. Wickremetunga and urged to hand his letter over to the military intelligence and to release Udalagama.

Jayamanna’s family has confirmed that the letter is in his handwriting.

No leads

According to the report carried out by ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’, a senior police officer has said that investigations on the Lasantha Wickremetunga murder have not revealed a single lead connecting Jayamanna.

Yesterday (14), Udalagama was granted bail over the case of assaulting Upali Tennakoon. However, he is still in remand custody over the Lasantha Wickremetunga case.

Meanwhile, the CID yesterday obtained statements from former military intelligence bigwigs – Kapila Hendawitharana and Brigadier Aruna Wanniarachchi.

courtesy  : Sri Lanka Guardian
- Melani


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