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HR First Aid Centre to Galle District !

With the Purpose of appointing Human Rights Defenders in the District of Gall, the First training session for those HR Defenders for the Human Rights First Aid Centre in Gall was held on 02nd October at the Cooperative Centre Hall in Galle. 

According to,  the Right to Life Human Rights Organisation, the Gall Human Rights First Aid Centre will be open in December together with Centres in Districts of Badulla and Monaragala.

The Human Rights First Aid Centres are an initiative of Right to Life Human Rights Organisation.

According to Philip Dissanayake the Executive Secretary of the Right to Life Human Rights Organisation, " the main purpose of this initiative is to create awareness among Human Rights Defenders to cater human rights violations, also prepare them to provide the needed assistance to those who faces with Human Rights violations in village level." he said.

"These HR Defenders will supply needed basic assistance to victims and will direct the victims to the State Human Rights Mechanism. Also, they will follow up the process." he further added.    

Pictures - Right to Life HR Office

- Melani 


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