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The Gov. should initiate a special investigation !

The Free Media Movement vehemently condemns the act of the Police and emphasise the need to conduct the current investigation unbiased. The Government should initiate a special investigation on the irrational act of the police restricting access to journalists who went to cover an important inquiry of the Lasantha Wickramatunga’s murder investigation.

The full text of the FMM statement signed by its Convene Ms. Seetha Ranjanie is bellow;

The Free Media Movement vehemently condemn the irrational act of the Sri Lanka Police by restricting journalists the chance to report and cover the exhumation of the remains of the former editor Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunga. A prior announcement by the law enforcement agencies of such a restriction had not been notified.

The entrance to the cemetery was kept locked, guarded by a battalion of police officers restricting access to this event. When journalists inquired about the Magistrate’s order restricting access, the Police officers have said that they were unaware of such a directive. This clearly indicated that the Police acted irrationally without a courts order.

Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunga, the former editor of the ‘Sunday Leader’ newspaper and human rights activist was assassinated on January 08, 2009. Media professionals and activists greatly welcomed the judgment passed by the Mount Lavinia Magistrate courts early this month, to exhume remains of the slain journalist, based on a request made by the Criminal Investigation Department to clarify contradictions emerged between the autopsy report and the hospital report on the surgery as well as the Government Analyst’s report.

The ongoing investigation is closely monitored at the local level as well as internationally.

 - Melani


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