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Sri Lanka: TULF wants the Government not to meddle with civilian lands

( August 3, 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Tamil United Liberation Front very strongly objects to the government’s policy of acquiring private lands or even allocating state lands for the use of  the services, the Army and the Navy  in particular in rural areas. The TULF had always taken a positive and moderate view even on sensitive issues like acquiring private lands or allocating state lands at random without justifiable cause to establish a camp amidst civilians.

I am shocked that when strong protests are made often by various organizations in the North and the East about this matter, the decision to acquire 617 acres of private lands for the Navy in Mullivaikkal of the Mullaitivu district is very provocative. I never look at any problem from a communal angle but always welcome reasonable actions of the government taken without any sinister motive. The country after 30 years of turmoil is limping back to normalcy. Some happenings in various parts of the country are causing grave concern to the people and a lot of tension is prevailing in the North over this type of happenings. What is the hurry for the government to put a side attending to many urgent issues and to concentrate now in setting up camps for the services. Is there any urgent need for any army camp in the North. If so let the country know about it.

I am surprised that although the TNA had gone out of its way and  extended its full cooperation to the government, why should the government cause embarrassment  to them. This is an issue serious enough for the TNA to withdraw its support to the government. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is misusing the term TNA to the advantage of one single party in the Alliance, which itself has no legal status to function as a political party.

I call upon the TNA Parliamentarians of the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) to resign their seats if they can’t prevent the opening up of more and more camps all over the North and the East, which action justifies the fear of the minorities that the government does not take the minority’s objections seriously.

I am sure that every right thinking person of all communities in this country will agree with me that the action of this government is totally provocative and should be condemned. I am always of the view that there can be one or two camps at important places, without establishing camps in the midst of civilian population and the soldiers are confined to the barracks.

It is understood that much earlier, the people had complained about this to the members of Parliament and Provincial Councils when the army was fencing the area now in dispute.  But no action had been taken so far. Contrary to that the said land is to be surveyed now for the purpose of acquisition.

I think the time has now come for the Federal Party members of Parliament in the TNA to quit the alliance and also to resign their seats in Parliament.

by V.Anandsangaree
Secretary General- TULF

                                                                      courtesy- Sri Lanka Guardian

                                                             - Melani


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