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university students to commemorate “massacre” of Tamils

A Woman who have lost everything - Pix: Melani

In a public notice, the Jaffna university student’s union says the death of hundreds of Tamils during the final stages of the war in 2009 was the biggest massacre of a single community.

Jaffna university students are ready  to commemorate the “massacre” of Tamils in 2009 at a ceremony to be staged outside the university tomorrow, 18th May. 

They, the University student’s union has invited the public to attend the ceremony tomorrow morning.

Events to mark the remembrance of victims of the final war began in the North and East last week. Northern provincial council members and families of those killed during the final stages of the war attended the events.

Northern Provincial Council member M.K Sivajilingham said earlier that the main event will be staged in Mullivaikal tomorrow.

- Melani


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