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Report On Constitutional Reforms To Be Handed Over to Prime Minister

"The Public Representation Committee on Constitutional Reforms will hand over it’s report to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe later this month, for further action." said by Attorney  Lal Wijenayake.

When Aithiya inquired, Attorney  Lal Wijenayake, Chairman of the committee said that once the report is handed over to the Prime Minister, it will be made available to the public on www.yourconstitution.lk.

According to Lal Wijenayake, the decision to hand over the report was taken at a meeting held on May 12, where it was decided to hand over the report between the 23rd and 28th of this month, along with the Sinhala and Tamil translations based on the representations made on the constitutional reforms before the committee.

“It was also decided at the discussion that about 5000 documents presented to the committee, some of which are very valuable documents submitted by political scientists, constitutional lawyers and academics which are now in our data base, and all oral submissions made by 2216 persons / organizations that appeared before the committee, be handed over to the Secretariat of the Constitutional Assembly to be used in the constitution making process,” he further said.

- Melani


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