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License to stay in Italy for illegal aliens. More than a thousand Sri Lankans are among them…

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Italys Home Affairs Minister Luchana Lamorgesi says that a proposal is being presented to Parliament on the issue of Italys illegal stay permits for foreigners living in Italy.

The Minister stated that more than 600,000 foreigners are staying in Italy illegally and working for them and considering the welfare and health care rights of those concerned, the proposal is being implemented.

Speaking further she said that with the spread of the Kovid epidemic, all foreigners who were illegally employed were obstructed because of the lack of health facilities and the risk of spreading covid19 among them.

The Minister of Home Affairs stated that there is a hope of replacing these people in the country with the legalization of agricultural labor in the country as a large number of expatriates from the European countries who are employed in agriculture in Italy are unable to enter Italy.

Sri Lankan organizations in Italy say that more than twenty thousand Sri Lankans are staying illegally in Italy and this permit, which is scheduled to be issued after 8 years, may be a comfort to Sri Lankans.

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