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TNA stated Prime Minister in writing what needs to be done!

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The ex-Tamil leadership of the Sri Lankan parliament, which has strongly warned that the country is facing a serious crisis, has met the Prime Minister and asked him what he could do to get his help. The Prime Minister has said that the relevant proposals would be considered in the future.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has written to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse at a meeting of MPs who had previously represented the Parliament, to the effect that the crisis was caused by the intensification of the epidemic, disregarding of the mandate, devolution of power through a new constitution and the collapse of the economy.

At a meeting attended by the former opposition parliament, which was dissolved by the dissolved parliament, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) handed over the document to the prime minister, saying that the only way to resolve the constitutional and legal issues facing the country was to recall parliament. The letter signed by TNA leader R. Sampanthan, Ilangai Tamil Arasu Kachchi leader Mavai Senadhiraja, TELO leader Selvam Adaikkalanathan and PLOTE leader Dharmalingam Siddhanthan have emphasized that the meeting convened by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot be replaced.

The danger of the day-to-day Covid 19 virus is only getting worse, with deadly results. Tamil leaders have reminded the prime minister that President Gotabhaya Rajapakses response to the call by all parties to gather parliament for this was a negative response.

However, the article points out that maintaining control of the country despite public opinion is part of the crisis.

“The country has been governed by a constitution that has been rejected by the people for twenty-five years without the exercise of the mandate given to it by the people for exercising its sovereignty.”

The failure of the TNA to implement a new constitution that addresses issues such as executive presidency, parliamentary electoral reforms and the devolution of the national question is another aspect of the crisis the country is facing.

“We have decided to participate in the discussion with the Hon. Prime Minister to make it clear that we are ready to address all the above issues and to provide our support to find a just and acceptable solution that suits the needs of the country and all its inhabitants.” The TNA has stated in its memorandum.

However, the TNA leaderships letter to the Prime Minister at the meeting emphasized that the solution could be achieved only through the convening of Parliament.

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