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Zooka tells to international, about the flaws in Gotabhayas rule

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Yasmin Sookas International Project for Truth and Justice (ITJP) had presented new report related to the Gotabhaya Rajapakshe’s new government posts. She has been it described as “wonderful collection of former war criminals accused of war crimes and corruption.”

According to information published by the organization with detailed diagrams in Sinhala, Tamil and English, it includes six generals and six brigadiers from the Presidents Gajaba Regiment, including the Army Commander, Chief of Defense Staff, Secretary of Defense and Chief of National Intelligence. Two of the generals of the Gajaba Regiment, including the present Army Commander, were serving in Matale under the direct command of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in 1989.

According to official reports at the time he was the Matale District Coordinator, there were at least seven hundred Sinhalese missing in military and police custody. The second mass grave in after Mannar ,now located at Wijaya Vidyalaya, Matale.

ITJP Executive Director Yasmin Zooka said that, the Sri Lanka is now governed by a large number of military officers who will have to answer in a court of law for their alleged involvement in the killing of tens thousands of their citizens in 1989 and 2009.”

The international community has previously invested in a highly ambitious migration program involving Sri Lanka in a joint UN resolution adopted at the UNHRC in Geneva. ITJP recalls that security reforms, surveillance and surveillance were part of it.

Yasmin Zooka added,“It is evident that government officials are not scrutinized and monitored for the human rights record put in place by such military commanders. However, the duty of upholding these values ​​rests with the member countries that sponsored the Geneva resolution ”.

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