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Corona deaths up to 10%.....

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A total of 218,952 people have been infected with the deadly coronavirus, which is spread across 173 countries around the world. Nearly half of those 84,752 (90%) have recovered, but the number of deaths from the virus has risen to 8952 (10%).

It is reported that the virus has been completely controlled by China and no patients were reported from China yesterday.

The virus is spreading rapidly in Europe, including Italy, Spain, France and Germany. So far, 35,713 cases have been reported in Italy alone, of which 2978 have died from the virus. Patients infected with the virus have already exceeded the odds in the above four countries alone.

The number of cases reported in China over the past three months was 80,894, with 3237 deaths.

The virus is spreading in Sri Lanka too, and the number of coronavirus cases has exceeded 50 in a week. Sri Lanka’s first coronavirus was discovered on March 11, and by March 18 it had reached 50.

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