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Rise of Glaucoma.

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Around 4.5 million people in the world suffering from the Glaucoma and it is estimated, in the 2020 year it will be rise up to 11.2 million, according to the Colombo National Eye Hospital.

Dr. Lakshmi Kumaratilaka , Director of the National Eye Hospital said, that it is important to identify early glaucoma-related blindness before being diagnosed.

She was speaking at a media briefing on glaucoma week at the National Eye Hospital Auditorium on March 10, 2020.

The Government Information Department said, World Glaucoma Week has been announced from March 8 to 14.

The World Glaucoma Society announced Glaucoma Week ,every year in March.

Its purpose is to awareness the people about glaucoma and to prevent blindness due to glaucoma.

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