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Protest mothers and world’s women day…

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Mothers of the North, who was searching their disappearance children and relatives held protest in the International women’s day.

Parents of the missing persons walked from Selvapuram to the District Secretariat in Mulativ on Sunday, March 8, 2020 and submitted a memorandum to present 43 rd session of UNHRC in Geneva.

They were said to the media and said, they were emphasized that, there are three years complete for

their continuous protest for requesting of their disappeared relatives.

A banner carried in the protest, notes that complete 1097 days for protest.

Speaking to media during the demonstration, Sabitha Radiswaran asked the Sinhalese people where is Vairamuttu Radiswaran, who surrendered to the army on the day before the end of the war. President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who was responsible for finding them.

President’s response.

However, three days before the demonstration, a Tamil journalist who asked the president for his opinion about the disappearances, he said disappearance means missing relatives of those who died in the battlefield.

President Rajapakse acknowledged that there were significant incidents about the disappearances and reject to accept responsibility for the military or the government.

“They are trying to generalize it to special incidents. That&#39;s what&#39;s wrong with this.”

Dying without answers.

According to information gathered by the Office of the Missing Persons, there were twenty thousand missing persons in the North and East during the war.

Most of them disappeared after surrendering to government security forces at the end of the war.

Meanwhile, a large number of Tamil parents have been died without answered for three years.

Nearly 70 people have died. Leading representative of Geneva reported that who have been in the North and East has been fighting for three years in search of their missing relatives during and after the war.

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