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Does the terrorist need human rights? - Dr. Visakesa Chandrasekaram

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Dr. Vishakasa Chandrasekaram said, any Sri Lankan citizen should not subject to torture under the act of prohibition torture. This act should be equal to all Sri Lankans as well as the terrorist.

Article 11 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka clearly stated, citizen of Sri Lanka should not be subjected to torture in any manner. Prohibition of Torture Act in 1994 stated, what is Torture and gives definition for Torture. Meanwhile it says, that cases give physical or mental pain to a person for any reason, directly or indirectly, it is called torture.

He further pointed that torture can sometimes be done by a teacher, when talking about government directly or indirectly.

The Act outlines four causes of torture,

first, the confession of a person, the second as a punishment for the person, and the third for the purpose of forcibly and discriminating against that person and all the atrocities committed against this definition belong to this definition had Dr. Chandrasekaran said.

Different people say different things to justify this. The terrorist is a child of the mother and father of the country. Today the terrorist can be a hero, the terrorist will be in parliament tomorrow. It is change with the time passed.

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