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Sri Lanka HRC has failed to present report of Digana Sinhala –Muslim conflict.

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Since two years has passed to Digana assault incident, which was targeted by the Muslim people in Sri Lanka. But Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has failed to present the report of this investigation.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka had been conducted an inquiry from May 9 th to 12 th of the same year on the violence in Kandy which began on the March 4,2018.

The chairperson of the commission Dr.Deepika Udagamage was conducted that inquiry. Commissioner Gasali Hussain, Director of Investigations Nihal Chandrasiri, Attorney at-Law A.M.W. Ahammed, Kandy coordinator Kumuduni Vitarana and Legal officer Pradeepa Weerawickrama also assisted for that inquiry.

The Government should take an action for abolish violence. Videos were published in medias and social medias during that time. The JDs said, the video, recorded at 4.59 pm on 05-03-2018 , was recorded at the Hijpura Jumma church in Digana.

The United Nations is also concerned that the Government security forces are not involved in this attack

At the end of the three-day inquiry, the chairperson of the Human Rights Comission of Sri Lanka said that the role officials observed during the insurrection was under investigation.

The attempt to inquire as to why the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission failed to publish the report was not successful.

Former Muslim Religious Affairs and postal Minister Mohammed Haseem Abdhul Haleem, said government had paid compensation for the property damaged in the conflict.

He was further said, still there has not paid compensation for the equipment damaged saw mills in the area called Pujapitiya.

The United Nations special rapporteur on religion and religious freedom, Dr.Ahamad Shaheed, presented a report to the 43 rd session of the UNHRC in Geneva, about the attack on Sri Lanka that killed one person and destroyed more than four hundred properties , shrines and vehicles.

It further states that although several persons were arrested by the authorities, political figures were later released.

The report also reminds the police that in the case of Aluthgama and Digana incidents, the police had not taken steps to stop the violent protests.

“Moreover, there have been reports that police officers were actively supporting the anti-Muslim riots of the previous day, but investigations have not been conducted”

The UN Special Rapporteur has not commented on the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission’s report yet published.

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