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Is torture perpetrating in the school system…

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Ceylon Teacher’s union General Secretary Joseph Starling says, if the people of the country approve assault on children, how can avoid attacking children?

He said, ‘Is torture perpetrated in the school system’ when the forum was held at the Olympic House auditorium in Colombo. This public meeting was organized by Right to Life Human Rights center.

He further said,

When we are talking about the punishment, it is seriously implemented in the schools. At least five or six incidents in the newspapers daily. There are lots of case reports to the Police daily. Former president Maithripala Sirisena said, ‘I had lots of experiences teachers punished me, I don’t like Human Rights’. Also, the Prime Minister said, ‘teachers can’t do anything, it is a serious problem and in the future laws should be changed. Is it correct or wrong? 100 years ago, a circular letter issued on child abuse. It is completely against the assault of children. The next circular regarding these bruises was issued in 1927.It also says children should not give physical punishments. Does the Ministry of Education want ban this? After 1927 penal circular, next came in 2005. When one child did wrong thing, most of times, child was put into the outside. But it is not solved. Then child tempted to commit more offence. There are about 4,300,000 students in Sri Lanka. The Principal cannot expel all these children from the schools. I would be needing permission of the zonal educational director. Now, when children are tortured, the police put into section 307 of the penal code. Then there is nothing we can do. All he must do is save himself.This should be a deterrent to the law. A circular on penalizing children for the last time came in 2016. This circular was issued only to obtain GSP plus concession. This circular has not even been discussed in the school system. This was issued to the Ministry of Economic Policy, Ministry of External Affairs and International. We also need to save teachers. Therefore, we need to create a social discourse about corporal punishment for these children.

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