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Corona virus turns into global epidemic…

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Recently there had been reported patients of corona virus infection around 84 countries. From above 84 countries, a total of 95, 184 of corona virus infection have been reported and 51,513 have been recovered. The total number of deaths due to the virus is 3254. According to that report, the total number of patients currently infected with the corona virus is 40,417, out from it, 6883 are in danger situation.

The virus was first reported in China’s Hubei province before 2 months ago, and today there are 80,282 patients in China.2981 patients were dying due to the virus in China.

The virus was first reported in China’s Hubei province about a month ago, and today there are 80,282 cases of the virus in China alone. 2981 patients have died due to the virus.

Meanwhile, China’s National Health Commission says, it is now controlling the spread of the corona virus. According to Chinese health authorities, only 12 new patients had been reported in China yesterday.

But the virus is widely spread in other countries such as Italy, Iran and South Korea. The second-largest number of corona virus spread country is South Korea. It is about 5621 patients and 35 people have died from the virus.

Meanwhile, Italy has recorded the second-highest number of deaths from the virus. Around 3089 coronavirus infections were reported in Italy, from these 107 deaths were reported from Italy. Iran is getting 5th place with 2922 patients reported and 92 deaths reported from Iran.

Recently in Sri Lanka, only one Chinese patient. Except for this, no any corona patient has been reported. However, a Sri Lankan woman living in Italy was reported as a corona virus affected person.

The World Health Organization says it could turn into a global epidemic if it is no controlled. As a result of this virus, cities, shops, and schools in many countries had been closed. Daily life also failed down.

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