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Self-interest mostly occurred among the small gangs that are trying to be more socialistic… - Ajith Perakum

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Journalist Ajith Perakum said, self-interest mostly occurred among the small gangs that are trying to be more socialistic and it has gone so far as to become self-fishiness.

He was speaking at a forum held yesterday (02) at the Mahaweli Center in Colombo under the theme of ‘Saman Rathnapriya sitting of the Parliament and exercising the political power’.

Mr.Ajith Perakum said further,

Political power is the essence. It is impossible to say that it will be filled with personally, Executive orLegislature. Political power is widely spread. Can politicians exercise that kind of political power? It’s a problem. During the regime of the previous government 2015-2019, the government unable to control political power. Over four and a half years opposition party has been able to handle many things. That’s reality. We know that Saman Rathnapriya cannot get into the huge political exercise as he was elected to Parliament. But he has a role to play. When making policies for civil rights, he can give a great contribution to the policy making process. Civil society plays the role of advocate for policy making. If we simply take the role of civil society as an example, the government of Sri Lankan recently announced in Geneva that it would withdraw from the 30-1 and 40-1 resolutions. On that day, there was a special incident happened in Sri Lanka. That was, a woman died in Mulativ. She was called Sellwam Siwapaakyam who actively participated in the protest, seeking justice for the disappeared persons. Her grandson was joined the LTTE during the war. At the end of the war, he was disappeared. But Sellwam Siwapaakyam was seeking justice for his grandson. State power is trying to get away with this. But the responsibility of civil society is to represent to the rights of that woman.

There are a lot of questions emerged regarding Saman Rathnapriya, for his parliamentary membership. How many days does he get into Parliament? How much is a car worth? How much is a vehicle license? There are many such issues published in social media. But we should not forget. Ratnapura District Parliamentarian Ranjith Soyza died on December 4 last year. At this point, MP Waruna Liyanage was appointed for him instead. But how much is his vehicle license? How many days is he in Parliament? That was not discussed in the society. It shows that the appointment of Saman Ratnapriya is of special significance. Many civil society members criticized the appointment. The criticism that was brought about was that the way the selection was made did not fit into the collective. In the recent past, there has been no formal organizational structure in civil society. When we were working, we resorted to a kind of selfishness that was not so consistent with the socialist ideas we were familiar with. In one way it can be contrary to socialism. In a socialist fashion, the appointment of Saman Ratnapriya should be discussed, not before his appointment. There was no such structure in the civil society movement. He said that in the past when we used to consider selfishness as capitalism, promoted by capitalism and building it up in people, we were turning towards selfish.


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