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Sports fans attacked by police.

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We have heard that the police or army are attacking the people on the street protest. However, the incident reported from the Sooriyawewa , the police and STF was attacked to the people when they went watch sport event.

After six years, Hambantota Mahinda Rajapakse stadium had been filled with sport fans to watch cricket tournament has played day and night between Sri Lanka and West Indies.

The cricket tournament was held 26 th February at the stadium which can seat up to 35,000. The people in the southern province were eager to watch the international cricket tournament after long time. They were coming to the stadium, carrying national flags, carrying musical instruments, face paintings on their faces.

The stadium has opened only two ticket counters to issue tickets. As a result, sport fans faced lot of difficulties. The cricket authorized persons can’t finalize this issue before the start. Police, special task force, rid squads came and try to control that situation. As a result, sport fans became annoyed. Ultimately people who got the tickets were unable to go inside of the stadium.

They were shouted as ‘Don&#39;t hit’. In the meantime, there were women as well as small children in front of the stadium was in a moment it became a battleground. When you see this, you will recall how the army chased away the people of Rathupaswala, who took to the streets in requesting of drinking water. The only difference is that they have never been shooting by guns.

However, sport fans were entering finally.

Before they entered the stadium, they told the media that they were not voted to President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa , for the hitting by police.

The people who protested during the previous regime were not even attacked. People looked at the countrys president and prime minister as a ventriloquist. However, the government gave the protesters the opportunity to protest freely. It was evident that this government does not have the freedom to pay its own money and watch a cricket tournament freely.

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