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The professional human rights minister has threatened to the government officers…

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The professionals for a better future (vantage) are a network of academics, professionals, and entrepreneurs who love the country and wish to contribute actively towards the development of aprosperous Sri Lanka where all citizens can live in peace and harmony. The vision of the VIYATHMAGA is to mobilize the nascent potential of the professionals, entrepreneurs, to effectively influence the moral and material development of Sri Lanka in par with the other developed countries where all citizens live in an environment of equity and fair play, with equal opportunities in the advancement of these ideals.

But there is a question emerges VIYATHAMAGA is practical or not?

At the recent Baddegama Regional Development Committee meeting, Human Rights Minister Mohan Silva has threatened the Principal of the school to work outside the circular to enroll a student to Wanduramba Vidyalaya. Parliament member Hon Mr. Nishantha Muthuhettigama expressed his views too.

Explaining why the student was not enrolled to the school, the Principal of the school stated that according to the circular letter issued by the Ministry of Education, the student could not be enrolled to the school and the student could not confirm his residence for five years. The Principal further stated that he had never worked outside the circular letter and that he could not do further.

Speaking further Minister Mohan Silva stated that no one will take any action against the Principal regarding the entering of the student to the school. Therefore, the student should be admitted immediately. The minister said that the student should be enrolled to the school on a humanitarian basis outside the circular letter. When another Principal replied to it was not possible to do so, the Minister threatened to her by saying that we do not want to interfere, saying that we know about you and everyone else.

Hon. Mr. Nishantha Muthuhettigama - MP stated that he has enrolled four to five students to Mahinda College.

This was the third time that government ministers had publicly threatened government officers.

Sadly, this threat comes from the Minister of State for Human Rights.

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