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Seindamardu urban council…

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By releasing special gazette from the government, notified Seidamarudu divisional secretary area as the urban council are since 14 th February 2020. An extraordinary gazette notification has been issued with the signature of Minister of provincial councils and local government bodies Janaka Bandara Thennakon announcing the establishment of a seindamarudu urban council which is currently a divisional secretary with effect from 20 th of March. Seidamarudu is situated in Ampara district of Eastern province. Seidamardu divisional secretary area is currently functioning under the Kalmunei Municipal council. The extraordinary Gazette notification in this regard has been issued under the provisions vested with municipal council act. The administrative area of the new urban council too has been displayed in the gazette notification according to the report.

Recently this current situation became the most popular in social medias. Lot of people criticized it. Previously we heard about the Saindamarudu after the Easter attack. Leader of the Thawhid Jamad organization the person who named as Saharan’s residence and trained before the attack in this area. Therefor Sri Lankan people can’t forget this region easily.

Before the presidential election, the election seminar was held in Sainadamarudu , former minister Mr.Basil Rajapaksha said after presidential election Gotabaya Rajapaksha become as president, that urban council would give to the Seidamarudu. Exactly it was did by Gotabaya Rajapakse, as he was told.

some political leaders said that is the catalyst for Islamic extremism. M.S.Mariikar said to the media , ‘the granting of that separate state is strategy used by the government for getting Muslim votes’ . previously two media channels, which carried out a massive media campaign in this regard, said that Seindamarudu separation is would create extreme Muslim city and it would be a homeland for terrorists .

However, this minority friendly move of the Government is welcome by lot of Intellectuals and Alternative Thinkers. By this action the Government which was elected only through Sinhala majority votes, accepted minority grievances.

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