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Suhada Gamlath gets it all wrong !

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Suhada Gamlath the Chairman of victim and witness protection authority has informed the Presidential Secretary that he will resign from his post and if he does not resign the President Secretary will take action against him told Hon. Thalatha Athukorale, Minister of Justice and Prison Reforms.

The Former Solicitor General and current Chairman of victim and witness protection authority Suhada Gamlath has joined “Wiyath Maga” and at a political meeting accused that the government tried to influence him. Suhada Gamlath was appointed to the position of Chairman of victim and witness protection Authority by the President during the era of Dr Wijedasa Rajapakse when he was the Minister of Justice.

Minister Thalatha Athukorale said enjoying the privileges of a government position and he cannot make such statements in public forums thus she has informed the President to take necessary steps against Mr Gamlath. If he does not step down the President will take necessary steps against him she further added.

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