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Our King who forgets what he told in the morning by evening

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The speech made by HE the President at the SLFP 68 anniversary captured the attention of many.  In the middle he stopped his written speech on paper and made a few controversial statements regarding the new constitution as well as the Bond issue.

He said even though he asked to abolish the Executive Presidency the big gentleman in parliament never did it. But they spent millions on it. He further stated to gain experience these MP’s toured around the world.

The current President was elected to abolish the Executive Presidency in a short time and to prepare a new constitution. At the beginning it happened very successfully. The Prime Minster appointed a constitution committee under his chairmanship and the parliament approved it. To give suggestions to the committee six other committees were appointed under different headings and public opinion too was seek. .


The process was moving forward slowly but this totally halted when the Sri Lanka Freedom Party under the leadership of Sirisena gave a written statement that they are against the abolishing of the executive presidency.


This decision was taken by the central committee under the leadership of Sirisena and they have provided a report to the Constitutional Committee showing the damage it will create and the importance of the executive presidency. This report completely halted the ongoing slow process.

This process delayed due to the delay of SLFP in giving their decision regarding the constitution.

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