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Do we need Death Penalty?

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Do we need Death Penalty?

In England from 1997 to 2009 there were 280 convictions given over misjudgments and later the law is being abolished since it is not being further helps to save the country from crimes. If we implement the law and order properly then the crime rate will be reduced. N. M. Perera said that the far most crime is that to act as tit for tat. South African Constitutional Court decided to abolish death penalty since the reason or the temptation for crimes had to be addressed and they paid attention to it than imposing capital punishment. In England from 1981 to 2013 the crime rate has been increased during that time death penalty prevailed in the society. In 1981 the crime rate was 7%, in 2013 it increased up to 23% and there were times the rate increased up to 44% during this period. Therefore, death penalty doesn’t support to reduce the crimes.

The criminals are committing the crimes repeatedly without fear since they have trust in themselves to come out of the loops of the criminal justice procedure. By imposing the capital punishment or any punishment over crimes will not be preventing the crime rate. Rather we need to identify where there is room to commit crimes and to do the operation to it and sort it out. The environment to trust on justice system has to be established.

The latest punishment is not death penalty but to bring up a system to catch the criminals and the system where the criminals have chances to get out of the justice system. In 2007, the United Nations raised an election not to host death penalty even if the countries have not yet abolished it. 1882 the criminal justice system brought to Sri Lanka by the British. Still we are using it with reforms.

Public Meeting on the Do we need death penalty or not has been held at Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Institute Colombo on July 31 from 3:30 pm onwards. Ven. Mahamalkadwala Punniyasara Thero, MP Jayampathi Wickramaratne, MP Karunarathne Paranavithana, Senior Lawyer Upul Kumaraperruma, Saman Rathnapriya shared their views at the public discourse.

The speakers insisted that the society doesn’t need the capital punishment to bring the society into a righteous manner. In 1978 death penalty is being abolished in Sri Lanka since the gravity of it was understood by the people’s representatives. The last death penalty occurred in Sri Lanka in 1976. But the current representatives infuse that there is a need of capital punishment to reduce crimes in the country. But it is obvious that through the implementing death penalty or the capital punishment doesn’t reduce the crimes. We have a history of it. Rather we have no rights to kill someone. It won’t pave a path to reduce crime.

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