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A new set of MPs are lining up for a political culture free of torture, thuggery and violence – Prof. Ashu Marasinghe MP

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A new set of MPs are lining up for a political culture free of torture, thuggery and violence – Prof. Ashu Marasinghe MP

A new trend of Sri Lankan Parliamentarians are attempting to ensure a violent and torture free, more democratic culture even under the current dire situations, said Parliamentarian Prof. Ashu Marasinghe addressing the media recently. He said this, commenting on his complaint to the acting Inspector General of Police with regard to the assault on the van driver at Kalagedihena by a group of VIP security personnel.

MP Marasinghe has handed over the complaint to the acting IGP based on the news surrounding the video clip that was being circulated in social media platforms on the assault on a van and its driver while travelling through Kalagedihena on the Kandy road. Accordingly, the police have received a complaint over the emergency number 119 and has been able to identify that the two vehicles the suspects drove, belong to a person in Ingiriya. One of the two vehicles, the defender, has been found by police while been parked at a mechanical garage in Maharagama.

Prof. Marasinghe said during the press briefing that he was informed by the IGP that the investigations are ongoing based on the available evidence including the CCTV footage of the incident. He requested the police to effectively act to bring justice on time. “Police should take action against all involved in this incident irrespective of their status,” he added.

He pointed out that this incident has made the public to think that politicians are behind this scene.

“Unlike old school of parliamentarians we are trying to build a new trend of parliamentarians. Even with our day to day life activities we work as normal citizens of the country and not to enjoy special treatment. And people should understand that there is a set of parliamentarians who are the politicians that the public expect to see at present,” he said.

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