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Van driver assault in Kalagedihena – court investigations continue

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Van driver assault in Kalagedihena – court investigations continue

Suspects who assaulted a driver and the vehicle on the Kandy road around Kalagedihena area were further remanded till July 22. The remanding was ordered by Attanagalla acting Magistrate Sithara Meemana after they were produced to courts on July 20 following them being arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division.

The suspects will face a identifying parade as ordered by the acting magistrate. As reported during the last few days, on July 16, these suspects who were travelling in a Defender and Prado type vehicles have blocked another van and its passengers and have assaulted the van driver and attacked the van claiming that they were blocked by the van from overtaking at a previous location on the road. Following the attack suspects have fled the scene.

The defender which the suspects drove was found by the police on July 19, parked at a mechanical garage in Elhena, Maharagama. Accordingly, the suspects who were arrested and remanded are Sandun Pushpa Kumara (44) from Thalgasdola, Madampitiya, Marcus Peter Ruwan Prasanna (26) residing in Lagoswatta, in Kithulewa, Kalutara and Gamini Wijesuriya (45) from Badugama, Mathugama and Prasanna Bandara from Aralaganvila, Polonnaruwa.

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