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Road Rules and Media Ethics - senior Journalist Nalaka Gunawardena

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Road Rules and Media Ethics - senior Journalist Nalaka Gunawardena

Even though we have a standard set of road rules, they not properly implemented. Because of this, our roads have become an unsafe place to drive and even to walk. Media ethics has faced a similar tragedy. It is essential to bring a mandatory regulation for media ethics even from external since the current system has been a failure.

In 2011, the Editors Guild of Sri Lanka published a Code of Professional Conduct in all three languages. Which provides all the necessary guidelines for journalists and media institutions. Unfortunately, only a handful of media institutions comply with this code of conduct. Even the national newspaper, which the President of the Editors Guild of Sri Lanka acts as a Writer, is violating the same code of ethics quite frequently. So what is the point of talking about other fellow writers, and journalists?

Senior Journalist Nalaka Gunawardena expressed his views on the discussion on Media behaviour after Easter Attacks.

Click the below video for the full speech…

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