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“Our police officer are unskilled, incompetent, and not psychologically developed”

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“Our police officer are unskilled, incompetent, and not psychologically developed”

On the discussion on ‘Present situation of Sri Lanka Police’, an initiative of Right to Life Human Rights Centre, Senior Lawyer, Janaka Edirisinghe (AAL) expressed his following views.

Sri Lanka Police service has a long and proud existence with a reputation as one of the best in South Asia. Since its inception, there have been so many great achievements, as well as many tragic black
marks against them, but excellent in general. So why, Sri Lanka Police has to come to a low point of practising: Disappearing of persons, Torturing, Extra-Judicial Killings, Beating of suspects? Especially in the South Asian region, Sri Lanka Police Service has a reputable track record with successful criminal investigations and keeping long and accurate records. Again, why being demoted from a reputed institution to a one that follows the killing of suspects, inhumane torture, and degrading treatment? It should be a major reason for concern, even understanding from its beginning and eventually to where it might lead.

Click the below video for the full speech.

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