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Lets start dialogue, restructuring religion

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Lets start dialogue, restructuring religion

Galkande Dhammananda Thero

 I am requesting all powerful personnel to get in to a conversation with yourselves about your religion. Think what are the succinct teachings, what is outdated o impractical, based on what attitudes are people categorized. What attitudes are considered when you think someone is lower than you. What will make you attain supremacy over the other? We should go in to a conversation regarding these issues.

When we were looking for an article with the theme of wesak we thought the sermon made by Galkande Dhammaloka Thero at the programme “Rise for humanity and Cooperation before religion” organized by the Muslim Community at the Independence Square was more relevant in the post Easter attack period. Even though the situation of the country has changed drastically since the attack this sermon is very relevant for today. 

“we are trying to release our feelings together after the pain. The question before us is what should be done now? It is very difficult to choose the right thing. The shock was so bad. I would like to raise some ideas what should b done next”

The first thing is that we should be heal. Since all of us a terribly wounded. Secondly all of us have a huge responsibility to give meaning to the people who left us when they were praying. We have to give meaning to the dead for us to think we are heal.

How can we give meaning to the lives of those who left us? The struggles we faced should be done collectively and collectively express your feelings. By devoting ourselves to create a society free of ethnic divisions, religious divisions, non discrimination we can give meaning to the lost lives. First we should question ourselves. Not to change the other see how you can change yourself. Not to change other institutions to see what changes could be made to your institution. This will open the door for giving meaning to the lost lives.



I would like to speak form the religious angle. Every religion has some good teachings. There is love, kindness, compassion, respecting humans, respecting right to life etc. The human and the animals, nature all are in one structure. Religious teaching show that man is part of nature not above the nature.

Also we should be honest to accept that there are harmful attitudes and practices in religion. Some teachings are outdated. Through religious teaching these harmful ideas are passed on to the younger generation. After th Digana incident I participated for a programme at the same location in the same nature. On that day also I spoke. Then also I told as religious leaders we have to involve in religious structure changes, if this continuous in the same manner the meaning of the religious teachings will be out. Thus I repeat everyone to go in to this debate with yourself. Otherwise the same religion that is for the development of mankind will be harmful to man. Thus only by offering a flower and by lighting a lamp only we cannot give meaning to the loss lives.

The challenge in front of us is enormous. If we can start it from here only we should learn from the past. After the incidents in 1983 people divided in to several groups. Sinhalese saw the Tamils as their enemies. Because of this innocent Tamils had to face a lot of problems. I am asking you to don’t let this repeat again. More and more Muslims should be gathered around us now. We should not divid among religious lines. The division should be what is right and wrong. If this division is processed a large number will gather around good. We should walk in this path to give meaning to the lost lives.

I humbly request you to devote for this cause.

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