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Government should actively participate to ensure the public wellbeing.

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Government should actively participate to ensure the public wellbeing.

After Easter Sunday attack there were no any reported incidents unless few minor conflicts in katuwapitiya area. That is our estimate. But situation in Negombo is deferent. A little spark ofextremism can blow up the whole area asap. This situation is a creation of resists, religious extremists and journalists most of them are outsiders.

-Noyel Chisteen Fernando, on conflict in Negombo. 23 rd of May-

As a catholic sister, I believe now the burden is off the Catholic Church. Now it’s time for a

political solution. We can only advice on matters we do not have the power to make rules. For an instance matter of school attendance, we can advice to the parents about sending their children to schools but we cannot force them. When I was passing by Nainathalama area in a evening few days ago I saw 50, 60 parents who gathered around tuition classes. I think there is something behind this we have to find out what it really is.

When considering about the recent incidents in Negombo I think new groups are creating these problems. Police has now become a church. Because, Pakistani refugees are being lodged in the police stations. When refuges come to a country it’s their responsibility to protect them. Even Sri Lankan got that protection during the war time. Whether those Pakistanis are Christians or Muslims they lived in paid apartments area with the support of Sri Lankan government and UN. Past two and half years they had a life in Katuwapitiya they also did some odd jobs but now this is a restricted area for them. This also is a matter to concern.

Since everyone come to the Katuwapitiya church despite of the religion it’s hard to figure out the targeted group of the Easter Sunday attack.

After the attack I went to the Katuwapitiya church with one of my fellow sister. I was not allowed there because I have been helping the Pakistani refugees. We have to help people inthe name of humanity regardless of race cast or religion.

Due to this attack financial aids have been flowing to churches. My opinion is before we reconstruct the damaged buildings we should help the victims who directly suffered from the attack. As a catholic sister I invite all the women in Sri Lanka which statically more than 50% of the population to stand against terrorism. Furthermore we should pressure the government to act on establishing reconciliation and peace among people.

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