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President Meets with Civil Society Leaders

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President Meets with Civil Society Leaders

Meeting between the President and the Leaders of Muslim Community

The President emphasized that the actions of the few extremists which caused for the terrorist activities could not be allowed to harm the faith of the entire people of the country. He made this statement at a discussion with Muslim Civil Society leaders at the President’s official residence this morning (6th May 2019).

By understanding and trusting the security forces who are successfully identifying and defeating terrorism, it is the duty of everybody to take responsibility for maintaining a peaceful environment in the country.

Speaking at the event, the Muslim Community Leaders pointed out that the traditional Muslim people do not endorse these kind of terrorist acts and briefed the President on the difficulty they have faced because of the suspicion lay on the entire Muslim community with these incidents on April 21. As well several proposals and ideas were presented during the discussion to ensure peace and reconciliation among all communities.  

Also they said that they will surely support for security sections for the operations and the efforts to control extremism and promised to do programs to change these extremism ideologies among their community.


The leaders of the civil society praised the president for taking necessary steps to face this challenge as a nation and for safeguarding the dignity of all communities and with this in view, the President will continue to maintain peace through these reconciliation program undertaken within the country from 2015.



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