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Do not limit Democracy due to the Crisis - Lawyers for Democracy

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Do not limit Democracy due to the Crisis

Lawyers for Democracy

This attack is a threat to democracy in the country and it is hoped that these attacks will not limit the country’s democratic values, said the Lawyers for Democracy.


Press Releases

Easter Sunday, Catholic devotees were attending their religious activities on three Catholic Churches and five star hotels in Colombo and elsewhere in the country when this unfortunate incident happened. We express our deepest sympathy to over 150 people who were killed in the attack and I wish speedily recover to those injured.

 It was concluded that the attack was a planned attack by a group of professionals. We state that this attack is a serious threat to democracy and a democratic existence. We also look forward to using these attacks and will not attempt to limit the country’s democratic values in the future.

 We emphasize that it is the responsibility of the proper authorities to find out and reveal the danger of these crimes and to punish those involved in it without further harm to the country’s economy, morality and democratic existence. At this moment, we urge the people who are seeking peace in the country to act peacefully, patiently, intelligently and democratically.


Lawyers for Democracy

Lal Wijenayake

J.C. Weliamuna

Sudath Nettasinghe

Sunil Jayaratne

 Prabodha Ratayake


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