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Stay Calm and in Peace. Never give room to violence.

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Stay Calm and in Peace. Never give room to violence.

 Right to Life Human Rights Centre issues a statement against the Easter Sunday attack on Christian Churches and to the hotels in Colombo. 


Statement on the attack by an unknown group to the churches and hotels in Sri Lanka

We, sternly condemn the attack on Easter Sunday Morning at St. Anthony’s Church, Kochchikade (Colombo 11), St. Sebestian Church, Katuwapitiya, (Katana, Negombo), Zion Church, Batticaloa, Shangri la Hotel, Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo, Blast at a hotel near Dehiwela Zoo and two blasts at Dematagoda, Colombo 09.

 This could have been any kind of attack on Sri Lankan people executed by an organized group or groups. But we would like to mention that security and peace of the country relies on the government. The government should do their responsibility properly to act immediately on truth finding and to reveal it to the general public to avoid the spreading rumors in the country.

 Already political extremists have been trying their best to get the benefit out of this to bring up their political agenda at this critical moment where more than 261 dead and 600+ have been injured. Whereas all have to gather together and to contribute to stop such dreadful tragedies and rise of armed or organized groups in the country.

 Sri Lanka have been experiencing the freedom after the three decades of ethnic conflict for a decade now. But this blasts at different places at similar time is alarming to recall the past experience in the country. So, the challenge has to take up by the entire parliament members and work together with the three forces to end up this attacks and to find the root cause of attacks, rather than putting the blame on each other simultaneously.

 At the same time, we too insist the general public to remain in peace and avoid taking the laws into your hands. Don’t trapped by the religious or ethnic extremists and spread violence or act violently. Stay in calm and in peace. The counter attacks on mosques and other places of religious worships will lead to another similar incident as we experienced last year in Digana, Kandy. Therefore, never give room for such situation to arise.

Those who are responsible for neglecting their duties should be punished and must give their explanation for neglecting their duties though they knew it before hand through the report of the intelligence. Before that we have to focus on getting the country back to normal situation.

We pay our condolences to the near and dear ones of all those who lost their lives at the bomb attack at 8 different places and also the injured. The buildings or the properties can be rebuilt but the lives cannot be regained or taken back. Therefore, being strong and acting wisely is necessary at the moment.

 Stay Calm and in Peace. Never give room to violence.

With Pain,

Right to Life Human Rights Centre

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