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The Muslim Community is shocked…

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The Muslim Community is shocked…

Priest Asylum Nuraw the secretary of the youth affairs of All Island Islamic Scholars’ said “Now the Muslims are in the state of shock and they need security” named. Further he said that, he didn’t believe such things will happen even though the posts shared in the social media and now they have instructed to the mosques to identify whether there are some youths having extremist ideology. He further said he also feel ashamed when the government representatives behave like kids while saying we knew about these attacks beforehand and all.

Speaking further at the press conference held at the Bishop’s house today (22), the Islam Priest said, “Our children are afraid to go to mosques, scary to go to temples and there is an opinion the religious interventions are not safe. We have informed this, but it has not implemented. But we cannot take the law into our hands even though we have a responsibility to protect human lives. Due to this situation, there is a security problem to our lives. So we ask from the government to protect us. Why it is not possible to prevent the destructions of such lives in the country like this which is governed by public funds? Why the suspects cannot be arrested due to the Prevention of Terrorism Act? What happens after 290 lives are destroyed?”

Further he added, “We should all together build a national identity.  No one will win through these attacks. We are thankful to the monks for showing their continued unity for us in front of the allegations against the Muslim community in social media. If there is a Muslim responsible to this attack, we will support to arrest him”.



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