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RTI Should Commence In Every Sector To Safeguard Democracy - President Sirisena

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Right to Information should commence in every sector, as Sri Lanka is a country where the democracy, freedom, and human rights are natured and ensured, said President Maithripala Sirisena.

President made these remarks addressing the International Conference on ‘Right to Information’ (RTI) held yesterday, 28 September , in Colombo parallel to the International RTI Day.

According to the President, the current government was able to fulfill a long awaited requirement, as well as his election pledge as the Common Opposition Candidate at the Presidential Election in 2015, which the previous governments neglected and were unable to implement.

The President pointed out that the unfair activities and the disturbance against the future journey of the country due to the misuse and the mismanagement of public money will also disappear with the implementation of RTI.

President also focused his attention on registering of NGOs and said that ,  some NGOs had overstepped their limits and become a hindrance to state machinery.

"Some NGOs are engaged in activities other than those they sought registration for," the President said, adding they should be transparent in their activities.

Pictures - Gov. Information Department
- Melani

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